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> Banner Example

Above is an example of a Page Banner image with a Banner Title and Banner Subtitle.
Then below that is a Page Title.

> Widget Group Example

Below is an example of multiple Widgets beside each other.


An adventure club for 10 to 15 year olds.

Find out more...


A hand's on activity club for 4 to 9 year olds

Find out more...

> Text Widget Example

The Text Widget can style text in a few simple ways, as follows:

Header 1 Text

Header 2 Text

Header 3 Text

Header 4 Text

Paragraph text

Quote text

Bold text, Italics text, Super Script, Sub Script

  • Unordered 
  • bullet 
  • lists
  1. Numbered 
  2. bullet 
  3. lists

Text Links can be added.

Link Buttons can be made too,
of three different sizes,
and also one alternate colour

> Sidebar Example

This entire column is a Sidebar, which can have it's own set of Widgets that can be applied to many pages. It does not need to line up with the Widget rows in the main content area either. If on a mobile device, this Sidebar will drop below ALL main content area Widgets. So be warned...

Image Widget (Title shows here)

(Image Widget Summary shows here)

> Menu Widget

This little menu was built manually with the Text Widget, BUT a snazzy menu widget is on the way.