This Page has some examples of how Event related Widgets display on an Adventist Place website.

For instructions on how to add Calendars and Events, visit here

Putting /events at the end of your site's web address (eg ) shows all your events on a one page. You can use the link chooser to link to this automated page.

> Event Widget examples

Below are some examples of the Event Widget, which displays a list of the cosest up-comming Events in either List View or Card View.

> Event Feature Widget example

Below is an Event Feature Widget which can be configured to display a single Event that is either:

  • a specifically selected event
  • the next up coming event from a specific calendar
  • the next up coming event from all calendars on your site

Single Event (NAME appears here)

01 Nov 2030, 7:55am

This is where an Event's SUMMARY field appears.
Hear the amazing Wise Guys perform their Christmas classics, backed by a 3 piece orchestra. Camel parking, with hay and water, will be behind the church to avoid the smell wafting into the church.
Free lunch for everyone who wears a tie.