This Page has some examples of how Resources (like Documents) can be displayed for download on an Adventist Place website.

For full details and instructions on Adventist Place's Resource feature, visit here

To display/provide access to downloadable Resource files added to the Resource section of an Adventist Place site, you can:

  • Link to an automatically generated Resources page, which lists all the Resource Groups available.
    It looks like this page:
  • Link to an automatically generated Resource Group page, which displays the up to date contents of a specific Resource Group.
    It looks like this page:
  • Link to a specific Resource direct, like this: Download link
  • Alternatively, you can place either the Resources Widget or Resource Featured Widget on one of your manually created Pages, and they will appear as shown below:

> Resources Widget examples

Below is the Resources Widget which displays, in list format, up to five of a specific Resource Group's contents.
The list can be ordered from A-Z, Z-A, Latest, or Most Popular resources in that Resource Group.

Resources Widget - Card Style (title area)

This Widget has been set to show 'All Resource Groups' files, is sorted to display the 'Latest' file first, and is in Card style. (summary area)

> Resource Featured Widget Example

Below is the Resource Featured Widget which displays either the latest available file for download or a specific Resource file.